About the Author and the Diary

This Diary is a compilation of many lives under the auspices of “me.” Let me explain…

I am from the south, living in the north…that alone will fuck you up.  To add to the mix,  I am a divorce attorney of 13 years, practicing in Boston, who has dated before the online phenomenon, been married, been divorced, been introduced to, utilized, suffered through, enjoyed, and reaped the benefits of online dating.  From there, I have happily cherished a few relationships, struggled through break ups, and persevered through it all with battle scars, but also a smirk.  I have also lived through moments with my clients and friends who have gone through not only what I have just detailed above, but also very different kinds of life’s comedic twists–replicating everything from Shakespeare’s Comedy of Errors to Dante’s Divine Comedy, and everything in between.  Some have children, some are barren, and don’t really give a damn either way. Some hate the opposite sex, some love them a bit too much, and some simply go with the flow, enjoying all they have to offer in all our differences.

This blog combines all of those comedies into one Diary of Dating and Divorce…or should I say “the Big Double Ds”…which happens to be my twitter account but not at all relative to my chest size. (Really quite a shame.) Follow me on Twitter for more fun @TheBigDoubleDs.

So, essentially, I have taken all the stories of my life–both personal and professional–and wrapped them into this blog; I will also write about others’ lives using “me” or a pseudonym as the author and/or subject to protect others’ identities, so don’t get confused.

I find that through it all, what we all want the most is to be able to relate to others, to know that what we go through is not unusual, that it happens all the time, and that we will, like others, make it out ok. (Not normal, because nothing is normal, just “ok.”)  “Ok” means that you will make it, you will be stronger for it even though you feel like crumbling, and that this world is truly a funny place.

We also all need a bit of advice…whether directly or by learning through another’s mistakes. You will get that here too.  However, make no mistake, my advice on here about legal matters is strictly only for that particular matter under certain circumstances unique to that client, and is not in any way meaning to offer legal advice to you or create an attorney-client relationship.

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy my Diary. Feel free to comment with your likes, dislikes, suggestions, how you relate to the posts, and your own life experiences.  The only requirement is to always be respectful!